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Here are some vintage 1990s newspaper ads from One Step Computers in Cary, NC. They seemed to exist from late 1980s to 1994.

Business phone number: 919-467-9707

August 24 1989 – their phone number shows up in many classified ads for various PC sales such as this one with XT’s, AT’s, below mail order prices.

December 13 1990 – One Step ad lists both a Cary (467-9707) and Garner (779-1111) location

feb 10 1992 news and observer ad
February 10 1991 – this ad has a huge price range of PC options: from a 286 with mono monitor for $789 to a 486-25 with SVGA monitor for a small fortune of $2990

dec 15 1991 starter computer kit sale
December 15 1991 – the Starter Computer Kit Sale (286 kit or $1048 for 386SX Kit) price points look very compelling next to the adjacent Carolina Computer ad.

Dec 29 1991 moving sale
December 29 1991 – a Moving Sale is advertised with a half million dollar inventory reduction. Perhaps this was the closing of their Forest Hills location in Garner to consolidate in MacGregor Village Cary ?

January 19 1992 – the ALR 486-33 Business VEISA and ALR 386SX Venture Notebook

February 2 1992 – this ad features a 286, a 386, AND a 486. Taste the rainbow. The 486 features _lifetime_ free labor. I wonder if that labor warranty is still available today? We should call and see. Pricing looks pretty good compared to the neighboring PC Warehouse ad.

Warning about Michaelangelo virus!!
February 23 1992 – WARNING about the new Michaelangelo Virus! The virus is unkowingly spreading like wildfire, come to One Step Computers for the cure! For more information about the virus call 467-9707 (Cash/Check/Credit cards accepted)

April 6 1992 GRAND OPENING of One Step Computers
April 6 1992 – GRAND OPENING of new and expanded facility! $10 mice

Hiring ad -
July 3 1992 – I wasn’t planning to include any classified ads here, but this one is too good to pass over. The requirements listed here have NEVER been combined in any other job posting in the world, EVER. One Step Computer management got straight to the point, minimizing their spend on this classified ad for maximum effectiveness in hunting a corporate DOS PC sales shark.

July 5 1992 – featuring both Digital (DEC) and EVEREX 386SX-20 laptops

August 16 ad with 386sx-25 complete system
August 16 1992 – HOT! Complete System 386SX-25 for $1088 and Life-time Labor Warranty

October 25 1992 – a Complete System 386DX 33 MHz. add CD ROM for only $349!

March 21 1993 newspaper ad with intrex
March 21 1993 – 386 ($899) and 486 systems $1395 / $1795 (steep price just to add VESA LOCAL BUS?), all with life time free labor. $389 to add Microsoft Office. the Intrex March Madness sale on same page looks a bit more attractive.

25 april 1993 - 486s and cd-roms
April 25 1993 – price points have really gone up, I guess business is good and PC buyers have big budgets. 486DX33 complete system for $1845 and 486DX250 complete system for $1975. Creative Labs Multi-Media Kit for $495

August 29 1993
August 29 1993 – A Special Digital Labor Day Sale. DIGITAL 486DX/33 LOCAL BUS SVGA VIDEO with 4MB RAM for $1569. The neighboring PC Warehouse ad doesn’t even have a PC promo to compete with this, the best they can do is a $359 Double speed CD-ROM drive.

in 1994, they ran newspaper ads that were generic in nature “Which Does Your Business Need Most?” without specific PC offers.

in 1995, their phone number showed up in the classified ads, such as a 1993 Ford Aerostar for sale by Bill in January 1995. and a ’85 Nissan. Bill’s other phone number listed in the classified ads was 919-460-8111

A classified ad with 467-9707 phone number on April 30 1995 mentioned “Relocating, must sell” – this seemed to be the end of One Step Computer. I wonder what happened to the owner.

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