The state of BBS Software ][

As I’ve been reading more this week, I’ve learned more about the state of BBS software now. I’m actually impressed at how many online BBSes there are and variations of setups. Instead of thinking in monolithic terms “which BBS software to use”, some Sysops are using several BBS softwares together – such as Synchronet to accept incoming calls (telnet) and then load into other systems.

Synchronet and Mystic seem to be the power houses.

Newer / modern systems in development. I have come across these but plan to research them more:
* Legacy/X – Pascal based, not sure if still active
* Enigma 1/2: NodeJS
* Iniquity 3: NodeJS
* Oblivion/2 XRM:
* also Daydream is now in development? Daydream was the only board for Linux back in the 90s but I didn’t try it out

Ok so where does that leave me now? I don’t know, I now have more questions than answers.

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